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What is involved in the application process?

New Testament maintains a rigorous application process to ensure that we are a good fit with prospective students and families. Application involves a family interview and a formal application, as well as hands-on involvement by the student through a "Shadow Day." For specific details visit our admissions page.
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What is a Shadow Day?

A Shadow Day is an opportunity for your child to see what life at New Testament is like. Your student will spend a full day "shadowing" his/her current grade level. We believe this gives the student the opportunity to experience New Testament first-hand.
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What are the school's hours of operation and is there provision of extended day supervision for students?

The school day officially begins at 8:00 a.m. and, beginning in September 2012, ends at 2:45 p.m. Supervised care for students is available beginning as early as 7:00 a.m.

The After Care Program is a supervised program provided by the school which allows for child care after the regular school day and also provides opportunity for participation in extra-curricular activities or clubs.

After Care is offered from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. on Mondays - Fridays when school is in session for a full day. After Care costs are paid separately from tuition.
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How does NTCS make tuition affordable for families?

Tuition may be paid in full or may be spread out for ten monthly payments. Monthly payments are arranged through FACTS Tuition Management and are done through automatic withdrawals.

Families paying in full for the upcoming school year may be eligible to receive a 3% discount off the annual total tuition. The school's business office should be contacted for specifics regarding this discount.

To provide for financial assistance needs in an objective and confidential manner, NTCS has contracted with ISM/FAST, a division of Independent School Management of Wilmington, DE.  Aid is granted based on assessment of need and availability of funds. Requests for financial aid must be submitted annually.
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What is the dress code at NTCS?

NTCS students in grades K - 12 wear uniforms which are purchased through Donnellys Uniforms or Lands’ End.

The basic uniform for boys in all grades consists of plain tan slacks, white, wine, or black NTCS polo shirt, with wine-colored sweater embroidered with the NTCS logo. Optional uniform fleece jackets, vests and pullovers are available.

For girls in Kindergarten through grade 6, the uniform features a choice between a New Testament plaid jumper and/or plain tan slacks. Either is worn with a white, wine, or black NTCS polo, and wine-colored sweater with school logo. Girls in grades 7 - 12 have the option of two styles of plaid skirts or plain tan slacks worn with a white, wine, or black NTCS polo shirt, and wine-colored sweater embroidered with the NTCS logo. Optional uniform fleece items are available.

While there are no guarantees of size and color, the school office maintains a large assortment of “gently used” uniform items which are made available to parents at no charge.
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Does the school have an athletic program? Are varsity sports available?

New Testament Christian School views athletics as an avenue for positive growth and achievement for the individuals involved as well as for the entire school community. As such, to provide for varsity sports, NTCS is a member of the Massachusetts interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA). Boys and girls in Grades 7 - 12 have opportunity to participate in soccer each fall, basketball each winter, and baseball (boys) and softball (girls) each spring.

For more information, visit our Athletics page.
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What is New Testament's commitment to technology?

We understand that our students are immersed in technology at every age. The world is changing rapidly and students need to be prepared for the outside world. As such, we maintain a state-of-the-art computer lab with all grade levels (Pre-K - 12) involved in grade-appropriate instruction.

Because the online safety of our students is of great importance to us, an institution-wide filtering system along with clearly communicated  “Acceptable Use” policy information is utilized. 
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Does the school offer extra curricular or travel opportunities?

One of the more popular programs at New Testament is the After School Offerings. Clubs such as cake decorating, dance, chess, robotics, and sign language are offered in  sessions over the course of the school year and are made available to students in all grade levels. Club fees are paid directly to the teacher, are seperate from tuiotion and range from $5-10 a week.  Piano and flute lessons are available to students of all grade levels, fees are paid directly to the instructor and are sepearte from tuition. Travel opportunities for service or for education are offered as part of our J Term Program for upper school students. Trips have included a missions trip to Reynosa, Mexico and educational travel trips to Spain and to England.
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Does New Testament Christian School offer honors level or Advanced Placement courses?

Opportunities for honors and Advanced Placement courses are made available in-house as student need dictates or through the school’s partnership with Sevenstar Academy, an online learning platform that provides 70 or more additional accredited electives which include AP and honors level courses in all academic areas.
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Do NTCS students have opportunity for co-curricular education or dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment opportunities are available to NTCS juniors and seniors with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher. Our students have participated in dual enrollment courses at local institutions of higher education such as Bridgewater State College, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and Massasoit Community College.  Additional dual enrollment opportunities with five Christian universities are also available to our students through our partnership with Sevenstar Academy, an online learning platform that provides accredited elective courses for our high school students.
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What is "J Term"?

J Term is an intensive two-week long series of elective courses offered at the end of the academic year for students in Grades 7 - 11. J Term is unique in that it allows us to offer non-traditional, hands-on classes which engage the student during the time of year when students typically are losing momentum. Courses offered this school year include:

  • · Studio Art
  • · Heritage New England (a touring study of heritage sites throughout the area)
  • · Digital Imaging and Editing
  • · Adirondack Adventure (a travel study course in the Adirondack Mountains)
  • · Adventures with Johnny Tremaine (a multi-disciplinary study themed around Esther Forbes’ classic)
  • · Experience Spain! (an all-inclusive educational travel trip to Spain)

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